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Consultation and Design Plan

The design element of any instillation is essential.  Just knowing which plants go best somewhere based on height, aesthetics, and sun needs is a difficult task for any would be gardener; this is where the Guru comes in!  A carefully considered plan is a must for a successful beautiful and long lived garden, with color, personality, form, interest, structure and balance. 

In conference with you the customer not only can we incorporate plants that are practical for your space, we can also use material that you prefer and an order, be it formal or informal, that flows with your personality.

We offer tours of Dream Gardens to show you the many possibilities that exist, and our 26 years of trial and error have given us a wide variety of shrubs, perennials, trees, annuals, of both the sun loving and shade varieties and everything in between.

After discussing your desires and touring Dream Gardens, I will present you with a plan tailored to your taste and budget.

Preparing the beds

After establishing what your gardens will look like and cost, the Guru will walk you through and provide material you need for weed prevention, border advice, and bed remodeling.

One of the most important elements of a low maintenance garden is the installation of a high quality weed cloth. I will advise you on what type of beds need weed cloth and how to apply it, making your garden maintenance much easier in the future. 

Installing your Garden

The Guru will deliver your plants in a phased way, working around your available schedule at a reasonable cost.  We will discuss methods of installation, orientation of plants, spacing, how to plant and how to prepare or amend your soil.

Irrigation and border installation

When I go back to visit gardens that we have put in, I marvel at the high success rate and growth rate of the shrubs, trees, and perennials - because they have been properly hydrated.  When I visit other gardens that don’t have those important easy to install and inexpensive elements, I am not surprised at the lack of success. Weeds abound and compete with the plant for water and nutrients and the plants are small and suffer in color, stature, and often exhibit brown out.

Relax and Enjoy your Garden!

So good plants!  Weed defense! And consistent watering are all vital elements of a beautiful vibrant thriving plant oasis that you can enjoy for years to come. Let the Guru help you walk the path of success throughout the installation process. Through the follow up phase and questions I will be here to help you on your journey.  If for some reason you are unable to finish your garden within your desired timeline, Dream Gardens’ skilled landscapers will be waiting in the wings to finish the job. 

With a well thought out plan and execution, your only job after fulfilling your dream garden will be to RELAX and ENJOY!

We help "do-it-yourself" landscapers create their dream gardens. Call us to learn more....