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Jay Strozier
Knoxville, TN


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The Birth of Garden Guru

In 1992 Dream Gardens, a successful, small landscaping company was born, and I have recently completed my 60th design as a garden designer. Dream Gardens specializes in design and installation and our careful, creative and thoughtful approach to bed creation is based on years of designing, installing, and maintaining beautiful gardens.

In my work, I visit many nurseries in the area and am very familiar with what is available on an ongoing basis and where the finest plants can be found. We have also developed proprietary methods and systems that reduce maintenance by 75%. With the proper usage of weed barrier to control 90% of your weed problem and with a simple, green-oriented, low cost irrigation system, we can take the sting out of garden maintenance and turn garden work into joyful participation.

While Dream Garden's costs are competitive, many cannot afford to hire a landscaper to do the work. Also, there is a healthy "do-it-yourself" culture that results from our incredible independent American spirit.

And that is where the idea of Garden Guru arose. We want to help you to help yourself to create your very own dream garden, with help from the Garden Guru every step of the way.

We help "do-it-yourself" landscapers create their dream gardens. Learn more about what we offer....